Saturday, January 26, 2008


Today Jan.25, 2008, Ron Fudge, Marcel Corrreveau
& me Jim Collins all NE/DL/BOS, all the time, went
rooting around in New Hampshire seeking adventure
& a good meal. Mike Farrey Capt.NE/DL ret. had kept his
restored NE DC-3 @ Hampton Air Field, so we wanted to
do a photo shoot and check her out. Unfortunaly Mike
has moved her to his own private field in Mason NH,
so we missed out on seeing her for now.The day was not
lost though. At the Flt. school office we found retired
Capt. Dick Cummings NE/DL hanging out, as any guy
who loves aviation would love to be doing. Looking at the
photos you can see the place is in a time warp, and has
the look & feel of a "Waldo Pepper" setting, ie, like the
nearest to Heaven one can get without having to fulfill
the requirements. Well all I can say is that we had the
adventure we were after and a huge, great tasting lobster
roll,fries & fish chowder @ Al's Seafood up the road.
It's the simple things in life that truly make a great day
and a great life. Today was one of them.

Click here for Photos:

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Mike Farrey's DC-3 Photos:

DC-3 Now
@ NH76 -Mason, Airfield

Google Maps, Mason,NH


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